About Us

Bitvested has created a network of traders who can handle the funds we acquire. By spreading the load, we can lower the high risks cryptocurrencies bring, and we will also be able to provide capital to those who can prove they can generate a profit. Bitvested Token holders will ensure this innovative way of managing a fund will succeed. Bitvested believes that these funds should not be run by a small group of traders and analysts but by a collective who all benefit from it equally.


Our Team

The team currently working on the development of the platform is small. Due to the current form of our token sale, we cannot allocate tokens to ourselves or advisors. The small team that we have now allows us to keep our costs low. Our low expenses are beneficial to users. We strongly believe that a small, efficient organization can achieve more than a large, inefficient organization.

Nino Kroesen

Nino is a former Accountancy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. After receiving his propaedeutic diploma, he decided to start Bitvested. He has developed the platform using his prior experience in app and website development.

Nino Kroesen
Joris Zwaanenburg

Joris Zwaanenburg

Joris is a graduated Junior Account Manager. Afterward, he decided to take on the study Business Economics at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. After receiving his propaedeutic diploma, he also chose to start working on Bitvested.

Our Fund

People could see the Bitvested Token as a share in a fund. In the traditional investment space, there are a lot of different kinds of funds. The type we will utilize for the Bitvested Token is an open-end fund. The open-end method will give us the ability to create more tokens as our management grows.


Best Interest

We will handle the open-end fund with caution to keep our supply and demand in balance. If there is too much demand, we will close our token sale temporarily. We do this on behalf of the Bitvested Token holders. A token circulation that is too large can slow the process of growth down.

Read Our Whitepaper

A much more detailed introduction to our project is in our whitepaper. We highly recommend reading the whitepaper before continuing.