Affiliate Portal

Help Others Succeed

As a beginning and even as an experienced cryptocurrency trader, it can be very challenging to generate a profit. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. That is why most people tend to keep away from cryptocurrencies as a form of investment. We have created our token to combat these concerns. By referring people to our project, we are helping them to create somewhat of a hedge against these risks.


Spread Awareness

As an affiliate, you will need to spread awareness of our token. You will receive compensation over anyone who registered and has bought Bitvested Tokens using your referral link. We have started this incentive to let people who are inspired by our project profit from it directly.

Get In Contact

We will accept people who are sincerely motivated to help is. You can receive additional information or ask questions by getting in contact with us. This incentive will be limited to a few people as we do not want our project to be perceived as spam by the public. Please provide us your motivation to help us by contacting us at: