Trade With Us

We offer traders the ability to earn more by what they already do best. By joining us, you will enable other people to generate a profit. The funds of holders can be of better use when traded. We are creating a win-win situation for traders and holders alike.


How To Apply

You can apply by giving us your most recent trade history and personal information. We will need this information to verify if you are a real trader. Upon sending us your information, we will evaluate your application. Once approved, we activate your trading account on our website. Exchange credentials and will be sent to you shortly after.

Additional Income

We offer traders a way to earn additional income. By trading with us, you are helping others in generating a profit and have a chance of obtaining a stable income by trading.


Apply Now!

We have made applying as simple as possible. It won't take much of your time. We will respond as quickly as possible to let you know if you're eligible to become a Bitvested trader. If you wish to learn more about trading with Bitvested please visit our more detailed trading information page.