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Get the most out of your long term cryptocurrency investment. By utilizing our revolutionary platform.


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Our Story

Bitvested started to create new innovative financial products to grow capital as a collective. Because growing together is better than growing alone.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make investing in cryptocurrencies as easy, worry-free, and stable as possible.

Our Journey

We started working on the Bitvested platform over a year ago. The past year we have learned a lot more about cryptocurrencies, it has made us even more confident in the future of this sector than we already were.

About Us

Our Service

We act as an intermediary for users and traders. A decentralized structure would not be suitable for this. In that case, there is no supervision over the authenticity of the traders.

The Token

To make cryptocurrencies profitable for the public, we have created the Bitvested Token. The token is fully integrated on our platform and does not require an external cryptographic wallet.


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The Bitvested Token makes use of the WAVES network. The network enables quick transactions and low transactional fees.

Platform Features


No external wallet is required to purchase Bitvested Tokens from our exchange.


Supply and demand will not determine the price of the Bitvested Token.


Token holders can be profitable without spending any time or effort themselves.


Users will always have complete control over their tokens by being to utilize the blockchain.


The token has minimized volatility by not utilizing the entire capital the fund is managing.

Distributed Risk

Token holders share the risk of potential losses making it less risky for an individual.

Profit Distribution

The profits generated by traders are divided by us between the users and the traders. The percentage set for this division has been established by us to be as fair as possible.

Our Token

Our Future

Improving UX

We will start hiring designers to improve our website design and user experience.

Mobile App

The development of our mobile app has started to serve our users better.

New Products

We will release new innovative solutions to offer all people something that fits their needs.


The Bitvested Token aims to make it easier for users to participate in cryptocurrencies. By utilizing the Bitvested Token, they do not have to follow the rates and the news about the different currencies.

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Get the most out of your long term cryptocurrency investment!