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User Questions

What do I need to create an account?

For signing up, we currently only require your email address. When you buy large amounts of Bitvested Tokens, we might require you to submit your personal information. We also expect you to read our terms and conditions before signing up.

How can I secure my account?

Choose a strong password you can remember clearly. Due to our security measures, we cannot recover lost passwords. In case you forget your password, you can retrieve your account by writing down your cryptographic recovery phrase. Bitvested requires all users to write this code down and store it safely. Users should not share this recovery phrase with anyone. To secure your account further, you can enable 2-factor authentication.

Why am I unable to place an order?

Bitvested utilizes third-party services to calculate the Bitvested Tokens value. When any of these services is in maintenance or is experiencing outages, we temporarily close down our sale to prevent discrepancies in price. Without these services, we are not able to calculate the actual Bitvested Token price.

What withdraw coins do you support?

We currently support Tether ERC-20 (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) as withdrawal coins. We aim to expand on this selection in the future as Bitvested grows.

How can I purchase Bitvested Tokens?

After logging in, you can buy Bitvested Tokens by pressing the BUY button. The site will prompt you to enter your desired amount and the cryptocurrency you will be paying in. You will be shown an address and the number of cryptocurrencies we require you to send. Once we have received your funds, we will recalculate how many Tokens you will receive. You will receive more or fewer Tokens based on the price at the moment we receive your funds.

I sold my tokens, when will I receive my funds?

Due to our security measures, we execute transactions to users by hand. We aim to send your payment within 24 hours. We intend to improve our payout times as soon as possible after we have launched.

Do I need an external wallet?

Upon account creation, you automatically get a wallet assigned to it. Please make sure you choose a strong password that you will remember. All of our wallets are encrypted. Forgetting your password or cryptographic recovery phrase will result in the loss of Tokens. Unfortunately, we have no other way of doing this while ensuring our user's safety.

Do you support external wallets?

Yes, we support external wallets. The Bitvested Token utilizes the WAVES-network. You can use a WAVES wallet to secure your tokens. To ensure you use this wallet safely we suggest you follow this guide.

What is the transaction fee of Bitvested Tokens?

The fee of selling and sending tokens is five Bitvested Tokens. As the price of the Token increases, we will reduce this transaction fee.

When do I receive bought tokens?

Once you have paid the tokens are automatically sent to your account/wallet. The exact time depends on the traffic on the blockchain and the confirmations that are needed.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

We have decided to set $100 (USD) as a minimum purchase amount.

What does “order status” mean?

Order status indicates if all of our systems are online. We need these systems to calculate the price of the Token. If one of our systems is down we prevent people temporarily from exchanging Tokens to avoid discrepancies in price.

Trader Questions

On what exchanges can traders trade?

Traders are currently only able to trade on Binance. As our platform grows we will integrate additional exchanges for our traders.

Can traders trade cryptocurrency derivatives?

Currently, we do not support trading in cryptocurrency derivatives. We think these products pose a too high risk to our users.

What information do traders need to give?

To apply, traders have to give us their email address and their recent trade history. This information enables us to start the selection process. After the selection process has been completed and the trader is accepted, we require additional personal information. We do this to verify the traders' identity.

When and how do traders get paid?

Traders get paid weekly, depending on the profit they have made. Payments take place over the weekend, and no trading can take place during this time. Traders can choose to delay their payment three times to continue trading over the weekend if they think there are great opportunities on the rise.

How do traders access their exchange account?

Traders get access to their exchange credentials through our platform. Once logged in, traders can find their current exchange password by filling in their Bitvested password.

Do trader passwords change at any point?

After a traders' payment is made, we change the exchange password of the trader. Traders can find their new password by logging into their account. We change traders' exchange passwords to ensure they can trade safely.

Affiliate Questions

Can everyone become an affiliate?

No, we do not allow everyone to become a Bitvested affiliate. We only allow certain persons to become one. We do not want our platform to get spammed across the internet. People spamming referral links could lead to potential users thinking we are a malicious platform.

How do you become an affiliate?

You might become an affiliate by contacting us via contact@bitvested.com. Please take note that not everyone gets accepted by us.

What do affiliates need to do?

We need our affiliates to refer potential users to our platform. They can do this by sharing their referral link over the internet.

How much and when do affiliates get paid?

Affiliates receive a 1% fee over the order of any user they have referred to our platform. Payments take place at the start of each month.

Can affiliates track their stats?

We have created a dashboard for our affiliates in which they can track their statistics. These statistics include the number of clicks on their links, people who have registered, and their prospective payout.