Risk Management

Due to our platform being entirely online, it carries the risk of being targeted by malicious individuals. We have set up multiple security measures to significantly decrease the chance of this happening. We will continually update our website's security to the latest standards to prevent this from ever happening to us.


Fund Storage

A significant amount of funds received will be kept in "cold storage" (not connected to the internet). Funds meant for trading are located at reputable exchanges that have sophisticated security. We are steadily looking for new ways to ensure the safety of funds.

Account Protection

To offer users a safe environment in which they can buy, sell, and store our tokens, we make use of various encryption methods. All users cryptographic wallets are encrypted on our servers. That is why we prompt users to write down their "backup phrase" this is the only way users can retrieve funds may they lose their password. We also highly recommend users to enable 2-factor authentication.